Renting a Tea Party for Fun & Profit

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder just why the TEA PARTY is hot for the  A-OK for the Keystone Pipeline?

Sure it is “free enterprise” in action, that is, politically-connected BIG BUSINESS getting to suck the sweet teat of never-ending taxpayer subsidy. Yet, just why is it that our Nutszenhammer Kids demand this particular Corporate Welfare boondoggle?

Well, Fred Koch’s pride and joy, little Davy and Chuck, stand to gain $ 100 BILLION, yes, that’s B-B-B-B-B ‘illion from soaking Mom Nature with oil and just plain soaking the American taxpayer. The action-research organization, International Forum on Globalisation (IFG), has produced a report explaining that the $ 50 million the Kochs have given to Tea Partisans was not really a donation as much as an investment. Buy a couple thousand Wackos and plant the cover story that God loves oil pipelines, and there you have it, Bob’s your uncle.

The Tea Party phenomenon is a scam. The Koch Brothers scatter a little seed to produce a passable grassroots and presto you have a mass movement demanding liberty (for Billionaires), justice (as much as you can afford) and the American way (the fix is in).


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