Is It Hot Enough for You?

According to a study at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, by 2047, the old maximum temperatures will become the new minimum temperatures globally. This is called the “climate departure” date signifying the date at which the climate of the near-term past has changed so substantially that there can be no dispute that there is in effect a new climate.

The climate departure for most of the northern United States occurs in 2047 but Mexico City will have changed by 2031 and Kingston, Jamaica, will have changed by 2023.

Those of us who are old enough have already been astonished by the changes we have experienced in summers. As a child I remember summer thunderstorms would “clean” the air. A hot, muggy day would be transformed after a thunder-bumper into a fresh, cool one. Visiting Florida as a young adult I noted then that storms would never affect the heat or the humidity. Storms in Minnesota today resemble storms in Florida then, no change, no relief.

I pity my grandchildren who will never know the delight that I felt after a summer shower in the 1950s.



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