Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime? (Or, a Can of Spam?)

Congressional Democrats, you know the Party of the People, our guys, decided they wanted to use about $ 5 billion in funds allocated to Food Stamps for other programs. So as of November 1, $ 5 BILLION will be cut from Food Stamps. You’re not reading about that in the Times or the Post or the other organs of the Establishment because that would seriously tarnish the prevailing myth that the Democrats represent the people while the Republicans only represent the rich. Fact is, both parties represent them that pay them, and all of the little piglets line up at the trough that is Corporate funding.

Although 15% of the American people depend on Food Stamps, this cut in funding is not receiving media attention. We doubt that future cuts will be covered. The Democratic budget slashes the program by another $ 4 BILLION while the Republican’s freedom budget would cut $ 40 BILLION over ten years while mandating work-for-food requirements and imposing drug testing.

Did we require Banksters to work for their handouts? Did we drug-test the Banksters before doling out BILLIONS in bailout boola?

The Unemployment Benefits extension expires in December (Merry Christmas to the unemployed), and the Repugs and the White House are colluding to cut Social Security and Medicare as we speak. The assault on ordinary Americans continues unabated.

BTW, just so you know, the top 10 CEOS were paid MORE in 2012 than what is presently being cut from Food Stamps. Aren’t you glad this country has its priorities straight — 48 million can go hungry as long as 10 individuals enjoy the benefits of FREE enterprise. Think of the alternative where BILLIONAIRES pay taxes, and kids can eat, what a dreary Socialist tyranny!


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