Vee vish to see your papers, Madam

AUDREY HUDSON is an investigative reporter working on a story exposing problems with the Air Marshal Service within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Her notes and files covering her investigation were seized by Federal agents when these agents in cooperation with Maryland State Police searched Hudson’s home. No search warrant was issued for Hudson’s notes although the agents questioned her as to whether she was the reporter investigating DHS.

The warrant on which the search was based did not cover Audrey Hudson at all but was supposedly issued to confiscate unregistered weapons held by her husband, Paul Flanagan. No weapons were seized and no charges filed against Mr Flanagan, indeed it appeared to both Audrey and Paul that the objective of the search was the journalist’s notes.

Under American law, reporter’s notes may not be seized unless classified information is involved, and there was no allegation that any national security matter is involved. And even if a journalist’s work product is subject to seizure, it must be expressly so stated in the warrant, no such statement was made.

Just one more nail in the coffin enclosing the corpse of American liberty.


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