When the Law Violates Justice, It Ceases to Warrant Our Obedience

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has been monitoring the depredations of local and Federal police agencies with concern. We do so not out of animus for the police but with the greatest of admiration for those who really enforce the law. The law however does not merely punish, it protects, and what has been occurring has been a general diminution of that protection.

Increasingly, the police, and prosecutors, and judges, have been setting themselves against the people. We see ever greater disrespect for the law from those obliged to to enforce it. This is evidenced by the treatment everyday patrol officers mete out to citizens, and by the continuing violation of constitutional and international law perpetrated by our President.

It is a dark time.

Here is yet another example from which to learn:

In Texas, Sarah Boaz ran a stop sign and was given a ticket. It wasn’t a major offense, and Sarah lost the ticket. She thought that another would be sent and she would catch up on paying her debt to society.

Not so. Citizens have to be taught their place and a Marshal was dispatched to arrest her. She was cuffed and driven to the jailhouse where she was strip searched and confined to jail.

Ye Barons and Lords of the Land, how foolish can you be? Society works because most everyone believes they will be treated fairly. Treating misdemeanors as major crimes will not guarantee civic solidarity but will more likely set the populace against the powers-that-be and inevitably make compliance more difficult. We respect the Law because it is just, should it cease to be just, it will no longer deserve our respect nor our obedience.


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