“Hello, I’m from the Police & I’m Here to Help”

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has been tracking the increased incidences of police assaults on ordinary citizens. The country has been transitioning away from being a republic governed by law to an empire ruled by potentates. “Rights” are something better understood as legal fictions. We have a President with a Kill List and we have local politicians, judges, prosecutors and police officers who lord it over average citizens. As “Dubya” is reported to have said, “The Constitution is just a piece of paper”. In the community where I live, outrageous police misconduct is routinely “punished” with paid leave. Here is one more story in a litany of abuses which we should no longer tolerate.


David and Delores are a couple in their sixties. They live in their own home and care for themselves without assistance. Life is a little bit harder for David because he needs to take care of Delores due to her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Upon one occasion David was having a little more trouble than usual and so called his local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for advice.

Without his consent, the professional helpers at the social services agency called the police (why does it seem that the world’s helpers manage fundraising better than actually helping?)

Nine squad cars were dispatched to the private home (were the donut shops closed?), when the police arrived, Delores was holding a letter-opener although David assured them that she posed no threat and indeed asked them to leave. The police dragged David away against his will.

You can’t hold a letter opener in the presence of a Texas cop and Delores was tasered. When the taser did not subdue the 67 year old, officer shot her three times with a gun spraying rubber bullets. Finally falling, an officer stood on her wrist while Delores was cuffed. Delores had a broken wrist, gashes on her head and other cuts. Both David and Delores were forcibly taken to the hospital where Delores received 17 stitches to seal her wounds.

With the couple out of the house, and charged with no crime, the police were curious enough to ransack the house “searching” for God knows what although no search warrant had been issued.

It’s no wonder that real Bad Guys never seem to be caught, the cops are too busy subduing 67 year-old women, after all, it’s easier and they don’t fight back.


SOURCE: http://www.policestateusa.com/


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