Ding-Dong . . . . . Hide! The TSA Is at the Door

We were told that homeland security required invasive searches at airports. TSA agents are allowed to upturn old men in wheelchairs, strip old ladies of their “Depends” and fondle toddlers’ privates, all in the name of enhanced security. But we were afraid so we never protested, after all it was merely an airport-related inconvenience.

But now America’s own Gestapo will not be limited to airports. The TSA is partnering with local cops to man highway checkpoints, sports arenas, bus stations, train boarding, music festivals and political events and when they do they bring along with them the extraordinary authority to do whatever they want to with us. “Probable Cause”, that was the quaint notion that kept the cops from strip-searching you without having a lawful excuse to do so. The TSA doesn’t need probable cause, they do as they please whenever they please.

John Pistole, the Reichsfuhrer for the TSA, denies that his agency is airport-bound or even transportation-limited, although named the Transportation Security Agency. Wherever the TSA perceives a risk, they will de-pants you, grab your balls and order you to cough on que. Protest? Methinks not, really you know what’s in their callused mitts, and you can’t afford to piss them off. Beware of the rubber gloves, the TSA is authorized to search anywhere!

Our forefathers started a Revolution because they objected to paying an extra penny for a stamp and two pennies for tea. They never would have stood still for the depredations of the current King and his minions.

SOURCE: “TSA Expands Duties Beyond Airport Security”, New York Times (August 5, 2013); “Armed TSA Teams Now Roam in Public, Conduct Suspicion-less Searches on Demand”, Police State USA Newsletter (October 2013)

P.S. Don’t read this or any other such news or opinion pieces within earshot of TSA agents. Travelers have been stopped for daring to speak about the TSA in less than reverential terms. You might be able to argue with Barney Fife in your hometown but you’d better not cross Otto Das Arsebitter of the TSA


3 responses to “Ding-Dong . . . . . Hide! The TSA Is at the Door

  1. Your stupid!

    • dissentingdemocrat

      Thank you, Woody, for your concise comment. By the way, although you wrote “Your” you probably
      meant “You’re”, that is “You are”. You see, the first suggests possession as though I possess “stupid”. You intended
      to say that I am stupid, didn’t you? By any chance do you work for the TSA, it would explain a lot.

  2. dissentingdemocrat

    Since this was posted, the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has learned that a TSA agent was shot in the line of duty. We join a Nation in mourning this senseless death. While it should not be necessary to say so, we wish to stress that violence is not an answer. Every human life is precious and should be preserved. TSA agents do a job and even though the law and policy set by those above them is wrong-headed and unlawful, the men and women doing the job are fellow workers and fellow Americans. Policy must be changed by changing the policy-makers, all the while retaining courtesy towards one another. We’re in this together.

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