Obama’s Retirement Planning

This past week President Obama delivered a short talk praising himself and his administration for their work on behalf of Biz. We learn, if we hadn’t known, that Obama LOVES Biz, he worships Biz, he goes out of the way to do whatever Biz wants.

It was a bit sad watching POTUS’s performance. He was earnest in his desire to please the Biz boys, he so wants them to love him that he grovels just a wee bit whenever Money is around. Freud wrote about how jokes can reveal one’s deepest feelings. Barry told a joke during his talk, saying that the Biz Boys in the audience should consider presenting him with a gold watch upon his retirement from the Presidency.

Although the President was smiling as he beseeched his audience for their respect, he was telling us something truthful. He will be retiring in three years and he would like Big Business to reward him for his service. He has served them as best he could. No Democratic President since 1900 has been so obsequious in the presence of wealth as Barry nor so dutifully deferential. When all of America deplored the machinations of the Wall Street Banksters, Obama sprung to their defense to tell us that several of the worst were good friends of his. Before the White House made any economic decision, Obama would consult with the Banksters and Corporateers. Labor never got a call or a heads-up, Biz always did.

Although Obama joked about a gold watch, he expects, and will get a Golden Parachute. Just like the CEOs he loves, who fill their tote bags with goodies as their firms go down in flames, Obama will be granted a plethora of corporate bennies and several no-work directorships after he leaves the Presidency. This is what he has worked for since 2008, God knows, it hasn’t been for the American people.


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