Doing the Hillary Hustle

There are many Corporate Liberals (check out C Wright Mills for definition) who are hot to switch to Our Girl, Hillary, and away from Our Boy, Barry. Same-same. There’s not a dime’s difference between the Lady Liberal and the Chicago Pol who is currently holding the office.

Lots of lip, playing hip but same old bad trip.

The problem with the Democrats is that they have given up sustained dedication to any principle except that of winning. Winning means little if we replace one wheeler-dealer with another.

Where’s Hillary? This past week she spoke at two Goldman Sachs events at            $ 200,000 per for a hefty total of $ 400,000 that could have been lip-synced  by any ventriloquist’s dummy.

Not again! While a real Progressive on the Democratic ticket would be a refreshing change, if we get the same old hag in a change of dress, Democratic voters should stay home on election day or vote for one of the minors — Green, Socialist, or Independent.


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