Journalist Gets Bum’s Rush for Reporting Flush & Hush

ROB RILEY JUNIOR is a big-time ALABAMA Republican, you know the type: Pro-Family, Pro-Life and Pro-Red-White-&–Blue (that is, the Confederate Red White and Blue).

Well, our Good Ol’ Boy tain’t growed up yet. Seems he had an affair with a lobbyist who he impregnated and then paid her money to hush and to flush his unborn babe. Yes, Pro-Lifer paid for an Abortion.

This is newsworthy, as any high-level hypocrisy would be. But not in Alabama, no siree not in the heartland of Traitors, Rattlesnakes and Gators. JUNIOR used his connections, Daddy was a Republican Governor, and had a Court issue an order prohibiting news stories about JUNIOR, his ‘Ho and the wee little ‘un. First Amendment be damned, the order went out, but regardless Roger Schuler, enterprising investigative reporter, published the whole sordid story.

You can’t cross a Judge in ‘Bama land. The judge issued an arrest warrant and sent two uniformed thugs to Larn the Reporter, Larn ’em REAL good! Roger Schuler was beaten and slammed in the hoosegow. It’s a crime to publish the Truth in ‘Bama land.


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