John Kerry’s Accomplishment? Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles

John Kerry Is a Terrible Secretary of State

[With a title like that above who needs to say more? Peter Van Buren has a good article on THE NATION Blog. A few excerpts are to be found below but readers should check out the article itself.]

In his nine months in office, Kerry’s State Department has one striking accomplishment to its name. It has achieved a new level of media savvy in promoting itself and plugging its highest official as a rock star, a world leader in his own right (complete with photo-ops and sophisticated image-making). In the meantime, the secretary of state has been stumbling and bloviating from one crisis to the next, one debacle to another, surrounded by the well-crafted imagery of diplomatic effectiveness. He and his errant statements have become global punch lines, but is he truly to blame for his performance?

If statistics were diplomacy, Kerry would already be a raging success. At the State Department, his global travels are now proudly tracked by the mile, by minutes flown, and by countries visited. State even has a near-real-time ticker page set up at its website with his ever-changing data. In only nine months in office, Kerry has racked up 222,512 miles and a staggering 482.39 hours in the air (or nearly three weeks total). The numbers will be going up as Kerry is currently taking a  10-day trip to deal with another NSA Crisis, in Poland this time, as well as the usual hijinks in the Middle East. His predecessor, Hillary Clinton, set a number of diplomatic travel records. In fact, she spent literally a full year, one quarter of her four years in office, hopscotching the globe. By comparison, Cold War Secretary of State George Schultz managed less than a year of travel time in his six years in office.

[JOHN KERRY is one of those fake Democrats who have led the party in the last twenty years. He, like Al Gore before him actually won election to the Presidency but was unwilling to fight for it. Al actually won the popular vote while Kerry lost the popular vote to Dubya. Kerry did win the electoral vote if one counted the Ohio electors who should have been counted for Kerry. The Democrats were screwed in Ohio in 2004 in the same way that they were screwed in Florida in 2000. Let’s face it, the Democrats have lost the skills required to steal elections must less win elections. St Tammany bows his head in shame]

SOURCE: See, (November 4, 2013)


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