More Horror Stories from Officer Friendly

David Eckhert drove to pick up a few items at his local Wal-Mart in Deming, New Mexico, on the Second of January 2013.

Dave did a rolling stop and was then pulled over by a local boy-in-blue. Mr. Eckhert did not protest, he did not argue, he did not resist, but the Officer just didn’t like his looks. So they dragged him in on “suspicion”.

A search of his car and his person found nothing, so the Police thought that a more thorough search was called for.

Not having a full facilities lab at the cop shop, the cops brought David to a hospital where they asked the hospital staff to conduct a FULL BODY CAVITY search. The doctor on duty said that would be unethical and refused to violate the quite frightened and overpowered driver (Remember he was only apprehended for failing to complete a full stop)

So the coppers dragged him to yet another hospital where the ethical standards were not so high. There the local version of Dr. Mengele complied with every request:

  • The doctors violated him with their fingers
  • And when they didn’t find anything, they violated him with their fingers AGAIN
  • And when they didn’t find anything they forcibly gave him an enema
  • And when nothing came out, they gave him another enema
  • And when nothing came out they gave him another enema
  • TWO digital rectal exams and THREE enemas found no drug evidence
  • So they X-rayed him
  • And found NOTHING !
  • So the Cops ordered a Colonoscopy

The result of all of this? NOTHING. No evidence was found.

When news reporters inquired as to whether the Police felt that they may have exceeded their authority, the response was that everything was legal and proper.

To add insult to injury, literally, the Hospital billed David Eckhert for medical services provided. Mr. Eckhert, who didn’t request any such services, and who, other than a traffic violation, broke no laws, refused to pay. The Hospital has said that they will report Mr. Eckhert to the Credit Bureau as a delinquent debtor and file a lawsuit against him.

What lesson did we learn? Don’t go shopping at Wal-Mart.


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