“Quisling” (Obama) Surrenders to Multinational Corporations

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement is so secret that the Obama regime will not let Congress-critters read it. His Imperial Majesty has ordained that mere Congress-critters will be allowed to vote on the agreement but will not be allowed to read it before they vote nor will they be allowed to propose amendments. The CEOs of the nation’s 600 largest Corporations however are allowed to read the Agreement, indeed they have been “IN” on the negotiaions leading to the greatest attack on national sovereignty in the history of the world.

No country has ever given up such power without being conquered. The Obama regime’s surrender is being done under the cover of “free trade”. American representatives have kept the public in the dark because they acknowledge if we knew we’d rebel.

After the TPP becomes the law of the land, any attempt by Congress, State legislatures or local governments seeking to regulate business for health, safety or environmental purposes can be overturned by a aggrieved multinational corporation. Nations will give up their police powers and authority to govern commerce and industry if the exercise of such authority would interfere with international Corporate transactions. The “Trade Courts” set up under TPP will supercede national and local courts, lack human rights safeguards and will be able to conduct their proceedings in secret.

Under the Emperor’s grand plan the TPP will be followed by a TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership subordinating the European nations to the corporate regime.

WIKILEAKS has released the Intellectual Property chapter of the Agreement to the public. Is it any wonder that Julian Assange is being sought by the Corporateers’ henchmen worldwide?

FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://wikileaks.org/tpp/pressrelease.html



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