Seattle Socialist in the Lead

We were delighted with BILL MOYERS’ interview with former Green Party Presidential candidate JILL STEIN and her shadow cabinet minister for health MARGARET FLOWERS broadcast this Friday on PBS. It is notable that these two women have been joined in the public’s attention by another dynamic woman who is able to elicit real hope, and that is the Socialist candidate for the Seattle City Council, KSHAMA SAWANT. You go girls!

Excerpt from THE NATION:

Kshama Sawant, a Seattle socialist who campaigned for the city council on a promise to lead the fight for a $ 15 an hour Minimum Wage, has opened a 1148 vote lead in the citywide count.

Sawant has not won the seat yet. But she now has over 50 percent of the vote, and local media says Sawant is “getting closer to clinching a seat on the Seattle City Council.”

As Seattle’s long count has proceeded since the November 5 election, the economics professor and Occupy Seattle activist who campaigned as an antidote to politics as usual has steadily increased her vote. If the pattern continues, Sawant will score an election victory that the candidate describes as “historic”

America has a rich history of radical politics at the municipal level. Over the past century has seen “sewer socialists” manage the affairs of major cities such as Milwaukee and join city councils, schools boards and county commissions from New York City to Butte, Montana.

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