The Following Comment Is Blatantly Sexist (But Accurate)

CAMILA VALLEJO, a former leader of the Chilean student movement, has just been elected to Congress in the South American republic of Chile. Besides being very young for a national politician, 25, she is an active Communist and she is HOT!

Chile is a country with a strong democratic heritage which suffered a terrible setback when the CIA coordinated a military coup against the popularly elected President Salvadore Allende. The coup took place on 9/11 of 1973 and resulted in the murder of President Allende. The caudillo selected by the Chilean super-rich and American corporate interests was Auguste Pinochet who presided over a regime of terror which then massacred over 2000 and tortured 27,000 including 88 children.

A movement of mass resistance from 1983 to 1988 helped to restore democracy. Free elections were resurrected although the economy remains dominated by the Chilean 1%.

Vallejo is an extremely popular candidate who received support from many who sought a more just economy. However, quite frankly, being extraordinarily beautiful has certainly been an electoral benefit.


 Camila Vallejo – Communism has never been so attractive.


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