News Item: Obama Regime Planning to Extend War in Afghanistan

The BUSH-OBAMA WAR in AFGHANISTAN will be extended for another 10 years under an agreement negotiated between the Obama regime and its Afghan puppet. Despite repeated pledges to be out by the end of 2014, the military-industrial complex loves the continuing flow of funds so that it can churn out arms and ammo for the never-ending war.

Fearful that Congress would reject its Imperial aspirations, the Regime refuses to submit the agreement for Congressional approval. It therefore is an “executive agreement” solely at the discretion of a lame-duck President and the American-designated toady. The war which is already the Longest War in American History at 12 years will now chew up yet more young men and women in a cause that cannot be defined. Older brothers started 12 years ago, their younger brothers are there now, and sons will be fighting in another decade or so.


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