Obama: “I’m REALLY Good at Killing People”

Yes, you read it right. The Nobel Peace President boasted to his staff about his signal accomplishment as President. This jaw-dropping admission was reported in Australia’s “Business Insider” newspaper but originated in a book by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann entitled “DOUBLE DOWN”. It was also confirmed in the Washington Post.

Obama may be a deplorable person to so boast, but he wasn’t lying, this time. He is extraordinarily good at killing people. As we have noted before, Barry Obama is the FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT to maintain a “Kill List”. No one’s ever done that before. Not Dubya, not Nixon, not any of our war presidents. Obama’s the ONE.

In his entire 8 years, George W Bush ordered a total of 52 drone strikes. Obama, with three years to go, has already launched 326 in Pakistan, 145 in Libya, 93 in Yemen and a handful in other nations. In two of Peace-Man’s murders, he ordered the killing of American citizens, one of whom was a 16 year-old boy. The Americans were not charged and given a trial, they were killed. Barack Obama assumed the roles of prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. The Founding Fathers would have been shocked that one who had taken an oath to preserve the Constitution would so blatantly violate it. George Washington did not assume such power, Abraham Lincoln did not, Franklin Roosevelt did not, and neither did Richard Nixon. Only the Peace Prize President has done so and even more surprising, given a pass to do so.

While the United States may have instigated a number of assassinations in the past, we never did so without hiding them with the sense of shame that should accompany such breaches of the Constitution and international law. No President has ever bragged about their kill ratio until President Obama did so. The epitome of Evil in contemporary history is Adolf Hitler and yet Hitler retained a 19th century war code of conduct that compelled him to refuse to authorize the assassinations of Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt. An extreme oddity of history wherein Obama willingly admits to crimes that even Hitler would be loathe to contemplate .

If the Rule of Law is ever restored to the American Republic, a new “Nuremberg Tribunal” should be convened to prosecute the war criminals who have occupied the White House over the past twenty years. Remarkably, one of the worst offenders has been a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.


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