Constitution? What F#@&%!g Constitution!

  • The Department of Homeland Security has ordered a stockpile of 450 MILLION rounds of ammunition
  • The Attorney General has denied that the Constitution guarantees judicial review of Presidential decisions to kill American citizens
  • The Pentagon admits that drones are flying over the United States
  • The President maintains a “kill list” of individuals to be killed by military action
  • The FBI guidelines have identified “excessive concern” for Constitutional rights to be an indication that someone may be a terrorist
  • If the Government accuses you of being a terrorist, or an illegal immigrant, you may be held without trial
  • The NSA is currently spying on your emails, your texts, your voice phone calls and your internet usage records
  • Although the Constitution prescribes the proper method for the approval of treaties, the Government re-classifies some treaties as “agreements” and thereby eliminate the Constitutional requirements
  • Increasingly, prisons are operated by private for-profit companies which are not held accountable to observe legal rights
  • TSA have been granted authority to fondle 5-year-olds, de-pants 80 year-olds, and generally violate our privacy and body integrity
  • TSA is now moving out of airports and making random highway stops
  • Police forces have been increasingly militarized
  • Armed Forces are assigned domestic policing functions in clear violation of 150 year old statute (“Posse Comitatus Act”)
  • American citizens may be arrested and subject to military tribunals without a right to counsel and without notification to next of kin (Military Commission Act)
  • “Treaties” are being negotiated and Congress is denied the opportunity to read the drafts during negotiation and will be denied the opportunity to offer amendments
  • Increasingly, “Trade Courts” of foreigners have acquired authority to overturn federal, state and local laws in pursuit of “free” trade
  • Police have been allowed to shoot unarmed civilians including children without repercussion
  • Supreme Court judges have written that there is NO right to vote
  • Voters have been purged from the voting rolls for merely having a name similar to that of a felon
  • Police have been able to forcibly search body cavities without warrant based on mere suspicion
  • Under “Asset Forfeiture” laws, you can lose your home, your car and your bank account without any judicial finding of guilt, indeed even in the absence of legal charges being filed
  • 180 years after the abolition of imprisonment for debt, scurrilous bill collectors in collusion with corrupt judges have devised ways to jail debtors until their debts are paid
  • Supposedly independent juries of 12 of your peers have been cut to juries of 6 or so, who are then obligated to obey judge’s directions as to findings of guilt
  • Ever increasing incidences of wrongful conviction, police misconduct, prosecutorial abuse and judicial corruption have been recorded nationwide

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