Business Roundtable Assault on your Social Security

The average Social Security recipient gets $ 1269 a month.

The CEOs who support the BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE think that this is far too much money for retired workers to collect. The Roundtable’s lobbying efforts are directed towards cutting that benefit either through a direct across-the-board cut or by a gradual elimination of the cost-of-living adjustments.

How much do the CEOs collect? The average CEO has over $ 14 million stowed away in a retirement account which will provide $ 88,500 a month. Imagine someone pulling in $ 88,500 actually griping that their workers get $ 1269!

Why do the CEOs begrudge their workers’ paltry pensions? Simple, if Social Security benefits are cut then Social Security taxes can be reduced and if they are reduced there will be MORE money available for CEOs.

FFI – See the report on platinum pensions published by the Institute for Policy Studies

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