Arne Duncan Gets an “F”

You think the Obamacare implementation is bad? The implementation of the Common Core is far worse.

____ RANDI WEINGARTEN, American Federation of Teachers

“COMMON CORE” is the Obama version of Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”. Essentially, it is the application of the industrial model to public schools. The question is no longer what can be done to educate the next generation but how to produce maximum output with minimum input. It’s a numbers game.

One should visualize the Pink Floyd video, “Another Brick in the Wall”. This would be the best illustration of the education industry under Arne Duncan’s Commissar-ship.

It is no wonder that parents and teachers throughout the country have been protesting a policy which reduces students to numbers. At first, Ed Head Arne tossed aside criticism as but wing-nuttery or lefty fantasy but increasingly objections are being heard from the mass majority of parents without any ideological inclination. Arne pooh-poohed Moms and Dads as merely  disgruntled because their kids were dumber than they thought.

Really, Arne? If everyone fails a test is it because everyone is stupid or maybe because the testing is just plain dumb.


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