3200 Serving Life Sentences for Nonviolent Crimes

Imprisoning a person for life should be the punishment for a very serious offense such as murder, or mutilation, or treason. It is shocking to learn that 3200 people in America are serving life imprisonment without parole and their offenses are mere infractions:

  • Selling $ 10 worth of marijuana*
  • Shoplifting
  • Attempting to cash a bad check
  • Possession of a crack pipe **
  • Siphoning gasoline out of a truck
  • Stealing a jacket with the price tag of $ 150

Two-thirds of these prisoners are Black and 80% were convicted of a drug-related offense.

Most importantly, none of the crimes involved violence. No one was hurt other than the prisoner who was a victim of our so-called justice system.


* Both Presidents Bush and Obama have smoked more marijuana than this person sold and they got to the White House.

** Congress-critter Trey Radel will be sentenced to “therapy” for a similar offense. He will also enjoy a paid leave at taxpayer expense while he is punished by therapy.


SOURCE: https://www.aclu.org/criminal-law-reform/living-death-life-without-parole-nonviolent-offenses


One response to “3200 Serving Life Sentences for Nonviolent Crimes

  1. Justice…. What happened to our common sense?

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