The Majority Counts . . . But Not for Much

70% of voters polled indicated that they would not vote for a candidate who sought to cut Social Security benefits. And yet a majority of Republicans in Congress and a significant minority of Congressional Democrats have expressed their support for such cuts. The Anti-Social Security caucus is joined by the allegedly Democratic President who has indicated a willingness to “compromise” by cutting Social Security despite repeated pledges to the contrary in the election campaigns of 2008 and 2012.

How can these facts be reconciled? How can politician after politician commit to protecting Social Security and then actively work against their pledges. How can a government supposedly based on the consent of the governed move towards the rejection of the desires of a 70% majority?

Could it be that our Democracy isn’t. Isn’t democratic that is.

Regardless of majorities, the 1% rule. Congress serves those who pay them. The President steps and fetches for the ones who have promised to reward him in the future.


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