Chamber Plot

In 2011, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in collusion with various wingnut astroturf groups and mercenary former CIA agents had planned a national campaign of harassment and subversion against select nonprofit public-interest groups, news resources and progressive websites.  As further detailed in a news release from the Center on Corporate Policy reprinted below:

“Giant corporations are employing highly unethical or illegal tools of espionage against nonprofit organizations with near impunity. Our report documents how corporations hire shady investigative firms staffed with former employees of the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. military, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Secret Service and local police departments to target nonprofit organizations.

“Many of the world’s largest corporations and their trade associations — including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Walmart, Monsanto, Bank of America, Dow Chemical, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Chevron, Burger King, McDonald’s, Shell, BP, BAE, Sasol, Brown & Williamson and E.ON — have been linked to espionage or planned espionage against nonprofit organizations, activists and whistleblowers.

“Many different types of nonprofit organizations have been targeted with corporate espionage, including environmental, anti-war, public interest, consumer, food safety, pesticide reform, nursing home reform, gun control, social justice, animal rights and arms control groups.

“Corporations and their trade associations have been linked to a wide variety of espionage tactics against nonprofit organizations. The most prevalent tactic appears to be infiltration by posing as a volunteer or journalist, to obtain information from a nonprofit. But corporations have been linked to many other human, physical and electronic espionage tactics against nonprofits. Many of these tactics are either highly unethical or illegal.”

The Chamber’s own initiative was funded at $ 12 million and was to be coordinated via a DC law firm Hunton & Williams. “Anonymous”, the hacking network, blew the whistle on the conspiracy after hacking corporate e-mails resulting in a public spotlight being aimed by Democratic members of Congress. Theoretically, the plot once revealed has been cancelled but then again we don’t really know what hasn’t been hacked, do we?


Brad Blog

Center for Corporate Policy

Stop the Chamber Campaign

The details of this plot against Democracy triggers a historical memory of the Business Coup of 1934. A little noted plot by key Business interests in 1934 including Dupont and Morgan executives sought to raise an army of veterans to march on Washington and overthrow the newly elected government of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in conscious emulation of Mussolini’s March on Rome.

For an account of the Depression-era conspiracy, see

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