MSNBC, the so-called “Left” network, has fired yet another commentator. MARTIN BASHIR has joined the MSNBC Alumni including KEITH OLBERMANN, DYLAN RATIGAN, CENK UYGER and ALEC BALDWIN. “Liberals” favor Free Speech in the abstract but should any right-winger become offended and the Liberals would rather turn on their own than stand up to the Right.

Bashir erred by saying that if SARAH PALIN thought the National Debt was the equivalent of Slavery, she should experience what slaves experienced. That was too much for the milquetoasts that run the MSNBC network.

It is the policy of the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT to be polite and mannerly with those who are themselves polite and mannerly. Those who choose to be rude and crude should be treated as they treat others.

TO-WIT, did you hear that the Government offered to confine Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter in Gitmo as comfort girls for the prisoners. The plan was abandoned, however, as the prisoners claimed that such cruel and unusual punishment was in violation of international law.

Yes, a crude joke and nothing we would ever tell using anyone other than Palin or Coulter. But these women have been so rude as to lose the cloak of courtesy one would normally extend.

Ann Coulter said that the U.S. should invade Islamic countries to kill the men, enslave the women and confine the children to Christian schools. She gets away with that. Rush Limbaugh calls the Pope a Communist and women seeking birth control “sluts”, and he continues unrestricted. Michael Savage opines that gays should be killed, and remains the # 3 wingnut broadcaster.

Liberals  must adhere to a higher standard than wingnuts and tea-baggers. This is one of the reasons why the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT is not Liberal. Liberals are obliged to behave as gentlemen and ladies even in the presence of bullies. We believe Bullies should be treated as such.


One response to “MSNBC Sucks

  1. Martin Bashir was fired because his ratings kinda sucked.

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