Whoopee! A Compromise Budget

So Congress-critters have gotten together and agreed upon a budget without shutting down the Government, what an accomplishment.

Sure, they stiffed the longterm unemployed. And food stamps remain cut, and will be cut again. Government employees will see their pensions tapped.

But look on the bright side: No one tried to tax the Super-Rich and the 115 Corporations of the S&P 500 which paid NO TAXES last year will continue to use their loopholes in future tax years. The TRILLION dollars sitting in offshore accounts untouched by Uncle Sam remain protected. And all the more important, the U.S. will maintain its bases in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and everywhere else. America will continue to outspend the next 15 world powers together for military operations. No change to the profits of the military-industrial complex.

The $ 50 BILLION in direct subsidies to the oil industry remain in place. As does the mechanism for distributing a couple hundred BILLION in corporate welfare (Taxpayers actually pay McDonalds to sell hamburgers overseas). Big Pharma will still enjoy the benefits of having drugs developed at public expense and then given to them for profiteering. And the grateful Health Insurance industry will enjoy over a TRILLION in new revenue courtesy of Obamacare (i.e. Romneycare, or Heritage Foundation ‘Care).

The Media will trumpet this sacrifice of America’s interests as a reasonable compromise accepted by Left and Right, they’ll do that because that’s what they’re paid to do.


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