With Democrats Like Obama Who Needs Republicans?

The Election of 2014 will see Congressional Dems’ prospective victory shredded into a defeat courtesy of the titular leader of the Democratic Party, Barack Obama. Ironically, the political history of the last half-century has been bookended by the two Barrys. Barry Goldwater, the honest Republican, whose honesty destroyed any possibility of his Party taking the White House in 1964, and Barry Obama, a supposedly Liberal (?) Democrat (?) who has done more to destroy the Democratic brand than any other politico of the 20th and 21st centuries. Barry Goldwater lost for his Party by telling the truth, Barry Obama will lose for the Democrats by endless prevarication.

Beginning in early 2013, the Democrats were outpolling generic Republicans by 8 points. By the time the Wackos hatched their plan to shutdown the Government, Republicans gave every sign of being obliterated in the next election as voters expressed a preference for sane candidates.

Now with the rollout of Obamacare, and the paired revelations demonstrating Obama’s inability to manage government and evidencing that the purpose of the Affordable Care Act is to herd customers into insurance companies’ corrals. The American people are coming to the realization that both Parties are working for someone else.

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