We’ve been devoted patrons of the OLD COUNTRY BUFFET, known in some communities as HOME BUFFET. Our family started years ago visiting the first Buffet in Richfield, Minnesota. It was owned by two families who were dedicated to serving a homestyle meal at prices that a working family could afford.

Following the intelligent investor rule advanced by Warren Buffet (no connection), when I decided to invest in the stock market and wanted to invest in what I knew, I invested in Buffet stock when it went public. It was a wise investment. So I am part of the Buffet family, eat there and invested there, and when my kids were young they all worked there. I calculate that our extended family purchases about 480 meals at Buffets annually so Buffet revenues are enhanced by $ 4,800 every year from our kin and we.

After a time, the original entrepreneurs sold to the typical soul-less corporation. The human touch is gone, the family feeling has been surgically excised, it is now owned and operated by Ebenezer Scrooge. Oh, I have besmirched Scrooge’s good name, for even Scrooge gave Bob Cratchit Christmas day off. Not so, Buffet management, Christmas Day is an obligatory day of wage-slavery.

Buffet INCORPORATED, you have lost a customer, and your next year’s revenues will be $ 4,800 LESS than they could have been.

Readers, on many issues of the day, there is little the average person can do, but on this you can choose to punish the Corporateers. STOP PATRONIZING BUFFETS INC. UNTIL THEY GIVE THE CRATCHITS CHRISTMAS DAY OFF!


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