Daddy Duck Disses Blacks & Gays


PHIL ROBERTSON, the Big Daddy of the DUCK DYNASTY, A&E’s latest offering to the Yahoo gods, was suspended by the Network for offering his opinion on Blacks, Gays and the Japanese.

The Robertson debacle is due to A&E’s own lax security measures. Mistaking the willingness to act tamed in return for a shower of cash, A&E executives believed that Daddy Duck was duly domesticated when in fact he is the wild fowl he appears to be.

Robertson, as quoted in GQ, thought that the Blacks in his neck of the woods were happier during segregation and less likely to cause trouble.

Gays, Phil opined, are the moral equals of those who engage in sexual congress with animals.

And, the poor Japanese, or at least the 107 million of them who are adherents of Shinto, are Nazis. (There go the A&E syndication revenues for Japan)

Brings to mind a comment from Newt Gingrich who once suggested ending public funding for public broadcasting because the free market has already given us A&E.

Just goes to prove that you can drag an ass in front of a camera but you can’t force him to think.


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