On This Day the Darkness Is Vanquished by a Growing Light

On December 21, 1844, history was made. On that day the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society opened the doors of the first consumer-owned cooperative store enabling working people to buy quality goods at fair prices. This was the beginning of the modern cooperative movement which today counts over ONE BILLION co-op members in more than one million cooperative societies.

We are told by the Corporate media that their version of a Free Society is the only alternative to a Totalitarian State. It’s a lie, the alternative to the injustice of a society in which the rich exploit the people is not the injustice of a state where the bureaucrats exploit the people. No, the alternative to both is a society where all who are workers and consumers are also owners. We don’t need another ‘ism, we need Democracy. Political democracy complemented by economic democracy.

Take a look at the information about Cooperation, see the Co-op Archive at http://www.archive.coop/, the “History of the Cooperative Movement” at Wikipedia, the graphic novel “Cooperative Revolution” at http://www.co-operative.coop/graphic-novel/play/ and Community Wealth at http://community-wealth.org/




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