Republicans’ Christmas War on the Poor

In 1965, President Lyndon B Johnson and a bipartisan majority of Congress declared WAR ON POVERTY and enacted what became the second act of the New Deal providing Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, Housing Subsidies, Legal Services, Job Corps and various other programs. In 2013, the 113th Congress under the stewardship of John Boner and other denizens of denial such as Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul have moved in a different direction: the REPUBLICANS in CONGRESS have declared War on the Poor.

Paul Ryan said he read it in a book somewhere by Ayn Rand that Medicare and Social Security should be slashed (he never followed up on Ayn’s life to discover that the Queen of Mean actually was dependent on Social Security AND Medicare in her declining years).

Rand Paul, also relying on an Ivory Tower “study”, says that everyone knows the best way to end unemployment is to end Unemployment Compensation. You know that does make perverse sense: when the unemployed and their families die of starvation and the elements, they won’t be counted as an unemployment statistic any longer.

Republican Congress-critters aim to dump 1.3 million OFF of Unemployment Comp this Christmas season. Merry Christmas! This achievement is added to other such objectives as kicking 2.8 million off food assistance, dumping 57,000 kids out of Headstart, dropping Seniors’ 18 million meals-on-wheels, ending heating aid for 300,000 and eliminating housing assistance for 140,000 poor families.

Here’s a helpful suggestion for Republicans, howabout tattooing numbers on the soon-to-be starving, homeless and freezing so that we track the Republicans’ accomplishments as they die off. It worked for Adolf and Heinrich.


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