The SuperRich Are Stealing from Us, Part III

The SUPER-RICH Stopped Payment on Productive Americans

Reputable sources agree that the working class has not been properly compensated  for its productivity, and that the “rent-seeking” behavior of the financial industry, rather than changes in technology, is extracting wealth from society.

As a result, our median inflation-adjusted household wealth has dropped from $73,000 to $57,000 in a little over 25 years. We’ve lost another FIVE PERCENT of our wealth since the recession.

— Paul Buchreit


One response to “The SuperRich Are Stealing from Us, Part III

  1. I am equally unhappy with current trends in inequality, but I do not complete agree on the causes.
    #1, Productivity has increased because workers got fired. If companies can produce the same amount of goods with fewer workers, or with cheaper labor, then technically the companies are more productive.

    #2, Wall Street pumped billions of dollars into the pockets of working people in all aspects of home construction and home selling for years.
    Not because of any humanitarian concern of course, but the fact remains: a lot of today’s unemployment is due to the shrinking of the home building industry.

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