Obamacare Is Not Socialized Medicine

Whoever frames the issues goes a long way towards winning the debate. In the U.S. the Right-wing has managed to persuade the rest of us that “Obamacare” is socialized medicine, and that anything remotely “socialist” is evil and akin to Stalin’s dictatorship.
The fact is that Stalin’s totalitarian state has more in common with Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy and very little to do with Socialism. And “Obamacare” is not socialized medicine, nor is it even national health insurance.
Britain adopted socialized medicine and currently operates a system under which citizens received medical care directly from doctors and nurse employed by the State. Britain adopted this system while remaining a non-Socialist economy. The British National Health Service is supported by Conservatives and Socialists alike and even Margaret Thatcher declined to privatize it.
The Canadian system of which we hear so much is not socialized medicine. Doctors do not work for the State in Canada. But the health insurance system is operated as a public service. It is called a “single-payer” system since the government-run insurance plan pays for everyone’s medical care. Canada is not a socialist nation, it is governed by Conservatives ideologically similar to the Bush administration.
“Obamacare”, or the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) doesn’t follow either the British or Canadian models. Under the ACA, doctors and hospitals remain in the private sector and privately-owned insurance companies continue to operate. The ACA requires people to buy insurance from these privately- owned companies. There is nothing even mildly socialistic about it. “Obamacare” was introduced in Massachusetts by then Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican. Romney received his plan from the Heritage Foundation, a Conservative think tank established by supporters of the candidacy and Presidency of Ronald Reagan.
The following excerpt is from TruthOut in an article titled “The Affordable Care Act is Not Socialism” published December 23, 2013.
The ACA is a gift to capitalists. It develops competition in each state between private insurance companies, a sort of textbook definition of capitalism. Granted, this isn’t free market capitalism based on the regulations, but any American knows the US is not run on free market capitalism, as it would never work in the real world.
The ACA is not socialized medicine since the customer is still buying insurance. Socialized medicine is not an insurance plan; it is a health plan. Under socialized medicine, you do not worry about bills and deductibles, you go to the doctors or hospital and get your care and walk away. Socialized medicine is also single payer; you simply have health coverage by virtue of being a citizen, and taxpayer money is used to cover everyone. The ACA, however,does not cover those who opt-out, or who do not qualify for coverage.
* * * * * * *
Calling the ACA socialism is harmful to anyone who wishes to properly criticize the faults of the ACA, regardless of whether you are for or against it, any critique must be made with an educated argument. The second someone makes the claim that it is nothing more than Obama’s attempt to push his “socialist agenda” on the American people, all credibility is lost because they have demonstrated they do not have a basic understanding of what socialism is.

The ACA is capitalism, and it is going to make a lot of people very rich. The ACA is an idea developed in the minds of The Heritage Foundation and the simple reason it is so opposed is not because it’s healthcare, it is because it has Obama’s name stuck to it. If any GOP president had put this same plan forward, it would have been heralded as the greatest idea that will save the American taxpayer billions of dollars in health costs. It was not, and the democratic president of this country put a great plan into action, and at no matter what cost to the American citizen or the economy, the GOP will fight to destroy the very idea they created.

SOURCE: http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/20806-the-affordable-care-act-is-not-socialism

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