Democrat but Still Dissenting

I received the following from the Minnesota DFL —


Thank you so much for supporting the DFL. Thanks to our dedicated donors, we blew past our big filing deadline goal.

Whether you made a donation, shared a story about us on Facebook or talked about the great things our DFL leaders have accomplished over your kitchen table, you have helped make us stronger.

With your help, we’ll be able to keep fighting for the middle class and keep Minnesota moving forward. Election Day 2014 is an important one, so thanks for all you’ve done so far to put us in a strong position. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

Thanks for all you do,

Ken Martin
Chair, Minnesota-DFL

The fact is, however, that I haven’t contributed to the DFL or Democratic candidates at anytime during the Obama administration. I used to do so, and no year went by without some candidate or the party receiving a small contribution from me, and a likely larger contribution of time and labor. But no more and the reason is simple, the Democratic Party embraces Barack Obama and he is indentured to the Corporate class.

In Minnesota, the 8th CD in 2010 went Republican! Folks from outside Minnesota have to understand that the 8th is the Iron Range, where a Yellow Dog would be elected if endorsed by the Democrats. Yet Rangers were so disappointed by the Republican government headed by Obama that they stayed home and allowed the miniscule opposition to take an otherwise safe Dem seat.

Throughout the country, real Democrats would rally to a Party which could offer an FDR, Truman, Humphrey, JFK, LBJ or Wellstone. But instead we have a Party of tepid enthusiasm headed by a DINO who aches for a country club membership and a seat on a Corporate Board.

Sorry, Ken, I will not be supporting the Democrats until it returns to being a REAL Democratic Party sans Obama.


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