Wikipedia Redux

“Stephen” has offered a particularly interesting comment to our earlier post on Wikipedia’s deletion of an article about Abby Martin —

All of this raises a related question: has anyone else from RT been banned?

On that score here are a few random facts I have managed to glean:

* RT’s Oksana Boyko has no Wikipedia page (although the presence of a live link on Wikipedis’a article on RT itself which now defaults back to that article (just like Abby’s) would seem to imply she USED to have one;

* RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze DOES have a page. However, is Sophie allowed to have a page less because she’s a RT correspondent than because she’s Eduard Shevardnadze’s granddaughter?

* A substantial number of RT shows (eg Politicking, SophieCo, Spotlight, etc) listed in Wikipedia’s RT article have live links on that page but those links all point to Wikipedia’s equivalent of a 404 error (File not found): “Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name”, again implying that articles for them USED to exist but no longer do so.

* As far as I can tell, many (though not all) of RT’s male presenters appear to have their Wikipedia pages (eg Larry King, Peter Lavelle, Aleksandr Gurnov), but the only woman to have one is Sophie Shevardnadze. Does Wikipedia feel that female presenters are in some way intrinsically less worthy of note than male ones (unless, of course, they happen to have a famous male relation)?

The fact that pages are deleted whilst making no attemot to fix the broken link is (just MHO) bad practice. But then so is having moderators (aka “supereditors”) for a sitel delete an entries without explanation or providing anm explanatory entry (brief or otherwise) to replace it, distressingly frequent though that now is nowadays (eg Disqus). In fact the latter is more than just bad practice. It is positively Orwellian. (And if you’re now wondering what I mean by that crack, ask yourself what Winston Smith of “1984″ fame did for his day job.)


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