Labor Candidates Win in Ohio

The Democrats Can’t Win Without Labor but Labor Can Win Without the Democrats

The electoral victory of Kshama Sawant in Washington State and the near victory of Ty Moore in Minneapolis have raised hopes in left and progressive circles. Another such light, also ignored by the corporate media, was the December 2013 municipal elections in northern Ohio Lorain County.

The local city council, endorsed by the Democratic Party, lined up against the workers and for local business interests to break city-union agreements and bust local unions (Sounds like Republicans don’t they? Increasingly, local Dems are modelling themselves after Obama and trying to outperform the master in servicing their Corporateer masters).

The workers were fed up and they brought their concerns to the local Labor Council. Getting along by going along has ceased to be the operating policy of local labor leaders who are gearing up for a return to militancy. The Unions decided they7 had had enough and kowtowing to local Dems was stopped. Labor put together their own ticket and ran as an “Independent Labor Party”.

Fantasy? Folly? Yes, that would be the reaction of practical pols. But things are getting so bad that it is no longer practical to be practical. Labor stopped being the kept courtesan of the Democrats, kicked her Pimp in the privates and asserted her independence.

The Labor Party ran 26 candidates . . . . . . And WON 24 ELECTIONS !!!

One victory was particularly enticing — Frank DeTillio, Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce, ran and had all the “best people” on his side, he lost to Josh Thornberry, teacher and Union member, who had working families on his side.

The County Chair of the Democrats announced an effort to purge his party of union leaders holding Party office. But this little bit of petty revenge will not likely deter the successful Labor candidates. Labor would rejoin a REAL Democratic coalition serving the public interest but can no longer be thought of as in anyone’s pocket.

If Democrats continue to abandon working men and women throughout the country, Labor Parties may become the wave of the future.


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