Freedom Is Not a Survival Value

Is it God’s little joke that the Company that defecated in West Virginia’s water supply is named “Freedom Industries”?

Fact is that is what is killing us. Freedom. We are free from Government on our backs and this freedom means that the rich as well as the poor are free to sleep under bridges. We are free from regulation so that minor league gangsters are free to pollute our drinking supplies. So many of the SuperRich are free from taxes that the Government is in hock to the Chinese commissars.

The not-so-astonishing fact just reported on the Mike Malloy radio show (A  man so honest that a “Liberal” radio network bounced him off the air) is that Freedom Industries is OWNED by the KOCH BROTHERS*. Yes, the guys that make Ebenezer Scrooge look like a Saint, are the actual owners of Freedom. Their Hillybilly Mafia connection, who initiated the gang’s projects in the West Virginny hills,  is Carl Lemley Kennedy, a TWO-TIME FELON, who is a different kind of COKE brother, so to speak. The local consiglere, founder of Freedom,  has already been prosecuted by the Feds for failing to pay $ 200,000 in taxes owed.

So if you liked what the Kochs did to Wisconsin, you’ll love what they’re doing to West Virginia.

Remember, it’s not personal, it’s only business.


* Freedom Industries, a merger of Etowah Terminal, Crete Technologies and Poca Blending, is owned by Georgia-Pacific, the Koch Conglomerate




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