This will be the absolutely last time we will address the Wikipedia-Abby Martin controversey however Amir Thomas’s criticism of RT-TV, the media outlet for Abby Martin’s program, requires comment.

This is what Amir Thomas had to say:

I take issue with the statement that “she IS notable as one who enables unsanctioned news and opinion to be known”. This statement is False.

You’ll see that she is really a tool of the (Russian) Establishment.


Generally, the Dissenting Democrat allows Comments to be published without a reply. This however deserves correction. Abby Martin and the program she produces is legitimate news and opinion journalism. The channel
on which it appears is owned by the Russian Government but that is no more germane than acknowledging that the British Government owns the BBC World Service. The United States Government does not own ABC, CBS or
NBC but they are owned by Corporate interests who make their money by keeping the American people fooled.


The Dissenting Democrat has found that RT TV, and especially Martin’s “Breaking the Set” is a reliable source of news and commentary that one cannot find in the Corporate Mainstream Media.


We also consult, and can recommend, such news sources as The Nation, Progressive Populist, & The Guardian (UK). We also use Common Dreams, Portside news service and the Solidarity news service, all of which are
American owned. We used to be able to recommend Cenk Uyger and Keith Olbermann and Dylan Ratigan but they got fired.


Before Abby Martin started her program on RT, she facilitated “Media Roots”, a citizen journalism project on the Internet and wrote for a variety of American-owned media outlets. She is also a member of the
Board of Directors for “Project Censored”, an academic-nonprofit media watchdog that has been monitoring the failure of many, many American-owned media who neglect to publish important news due to self-censorship, Corporate censorship or undue deference to the United States Government.

We are as grateful to Russia for funding RT as we are thankful that Russia gave asylum to Edward Snowden who would otherwise be languishing in an American-owned dungeon for daring to tell the American people
the truth about those who own the American Government.


2 responses to “Russophobia

  1. I find it interesting how the Dissenting Democrat is railing against Wikipedia censoring Abby Martin but has NO PROBLEM in removing (aka Censoring) the link to the website which is:
    Everything on the website is true. It exposes Abby Martin hypocritical silence in regards to the Russia Anti-Gay law.

    For Abby Martin to claim to be a vocal supporter for LGBT rights and then fail to challenge Russia government on their passing of Anti-Gay laws shows her to be biased towards the financial backers of her show and just as hypocritical as the mainstream news media that she always rails against.

    And if the Dissenting Democrat “censors” any part of my comment again as he did my last one then he is also being hypocritical by acting in the same manner that he’s complaining that Wikipedia acted in.

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