Here Is What Wikipedia Used to Tell Us About Abby Martin

As noted here several days ago, Wikipedia has deleted its own article on Abby Martin having decided that the journalist, activist and artist wasn’t notable enough. This was surprising to us in that people with biographies of considerable less import than the host of an international news-opinion TV program have entries in Wikipedia. What did that original article look like? A website called Wikibin makes available some of the articles which have been deleted from Wikipedia. Fortunately, Wikibin has archived one of the original entries:

Abby Martin is a North American, videographer, writer, journalist and Psychedelic artist ; best known as both: host and pundit of a Russia Today America political current affairs programme, entitled: Breaking The Set .
In 2009, she founded a citizen journalism media organization named MEDIAROOTS , based in Oakland California.
She’s also a board member of a research organization named Project Censored .
She has described herself as a political, anti-war activist and community organizer.
Threats and Criticisms
The Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesman Alex Selsky, has at least twice accused Martin’s BTS coverage of the Gaza-Israel “conflict” as “very very one sided”.
Martin claims to be often accused of being a propagandist for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. A charge which she strenuously refutes.
In June 2012, a staffer representing the Media Relations Committee at the Capitol, threatened Martin with: arrest, press credential-stripping, charges of trespassing and harassment; for collaborating with fellow journalist Luke Rudowski, in confronting US Republican Senator Rand Paul with questions about his allegedly hypocritical endorsement of (interventionist) Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.
Has a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) in Political Science from San Diego State University (2006) with a minor in Spanish

Her visual art
Started from the age of 19
Her artwork features on the cover of a documentary entitled: The Crisis of Civilization
Photography, travelling and hiking.
She claims to have coined the disparaging nickname “#DRONEKING” for US President Barack Obama.
Started to scrutinize what she sees as North America’s state-compliant interventionist media, after her ex-boyfriend (Matt) in high school, joined the military soon after September 11th 2001.
She’s lived in Costa Rica and Spain, to help her Spanish language studies. Also lived in San Francisco.


NOTE: Interesting, the Office of the Israeli Prime Minister considers Abby Martin notable enough to be challenged and a Congressional staffer threatens her with arrest for offending Senator Rand Paul. She’s founded a well known media site on the Internet and serves as a director for Project Censored and has a program broadcast by cable TV and the internet which is seen by millions and she is not notable enough for Wikipedia!


3 responses to “Here Is What Wikipedia Used to Tell Us About Abby Martin

  1. I find it interesting how the Dissenting Democrat in addressing my criticism of Abby Martin in their “Russophobia” article has removed (aka Censored) the link to the website I gave which is:

    My original comment before it was ‘censored’ was:
    I take issue with the statement that “she IS notable as one who enables unsanctioned news and opinion to be known”. This statement is False.
    Go To :
    You’ll see that she is really a tool of the (Russian) Establishment.

    The point I was making WITH THE HELP OF THE WEBSITE was for Abby Martin to claim to be a vocal supporter for LGBT rights and then fail to challenge Russia government on their passing of Anti-Gay laws shows her to be biased towards the financial backers of her show and just as hypocritical as the mainstream news media that she always rails against.

    And if the Dissenting Democrat “censors” the website link or any part of my comment again or as they did in their “Russophobia” article then they are also being hypocritical by acting in the same manner that they are complaining that Wikipedia acted in.


    • dissentingdemocrat

      Amir’s claim about being censored on Dissenting Democrat has the same validity as the claim about Abby Martin.

      As readers may note, Amir’s Comment was printed TWICE on Dissenting Democrat, once in the Comments section WITH
      the citation to the Link referenced, and once in the Text section sans link. That’s censorship?

      And, Amir should note that he was printed yet AGAIN here in the Comments section. If that is what Amir calls Censorship, we’d say that Censorship isn’t much of a threat. If Amir had any greater access to Dissenting Democrat,
      he’d be the Publisher.

  2. dissentingdemocrat

    The Comment that Amir claims is being censored was printed THREE times in three different Comment sections on Dissenting Democrat’s blog AND separately in the Text of the Blog apart from Comments. Amir could if he chose to find his Comment under the following posts: “What Wikipedia Used to Tell Us . . .”, “Russophobia” AND “Abby Martin Banned on Wikipedia”

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