Who Has the Ability to Steal Data from a Secure Computer System?

Who knows? The Shadow knows, ba-hah-hah-haaaah!

CARLTON MEYER, a former Marine Corps officer, maintains a military-oriented blog which is highly critical of the Brass called The Empire in Decline. He reports that the FBI approached a developer of security software being marketed to business to ask them to engineer a backdoor so that the Feds could enter at anytime to gather information. This is a standard practice for the FBI and the NSA thus giving these federal agencies even more metadata on us.

Meyer wonders, as do I, if the latest brouhaha regarding the theft of Target’s customers financial data is just the NSA up to its old tricks. Edward Snowden, where are you? We need you!


Readers can peruse Carlton Meyer’s blog at http://www.g2mil.com/decline1.htm


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