Reforming the Hell Out of Education

Politics can be terribly confusing nowadays. At one time one would know who was on your side and who was your adversary.

‘Taint true no more. F’rinstance, there was a time that if you believed in reform, you’d seek out someone known as a Reformer and could be assured that they would push to make things better, they’d reform this or that in the public’s interest. Now every PR flack with a corporate contract in his back pocket, and desperate to screw over America in service of their clients, will call their racket “reform”.

Education is always being reformed. At one time, while reformers may disagree, all of them sought in their own way to reform things to make it better for the kiddies, for the parents or for the public as a whole. Not anymore. No, there is a massive effort to destroy public education and its all disguised as Reform. It’s comparable to calling a murder, a reform of character: there is a well-funded movement to “reform” Public Schools out of existence through privatization, charter schools, school vouchers, home schooling and what not.

Now here it gets even more complicated. Teachers, and parents who believe in public education, have gotten wise to the reform scam. But they then tend to look to those politicos who have traditionally supported public education, thinking that this would be the best strategy. So when candidates come to parent groups and teachers unions to say “Vote for Me! I’m for Education”, there is the inclination to believe them (who would lie about that).

But you see, what has been going on politically, is that those who have been pro-Education, have been Democrats, and the politicians lining up for teacher and parent help have called themselves “Democrats”. That is until recently when the political entrepreneurs have latched upon a nifty technique, they call themselves “Democrats”, usually prefacing the word with an under-the-breath “new”, but actually cozy to the same One-Percenters and Corporateers as do the Republicans. The New Democrats enjoy the best of all by getting Democrat votes and enjoying One-Percenter cash.

The leading New Democrat is, of course, Barack Obama. But he is only one of a prolific litter. One of his stooges is Arne Duncan, the Ed Head, or Secretary of the Department of Education. Public schools have been rapidly Duncanized, teachers fired, budgets slashed, and schools closed all while granting juicy contracts for “reform” to reliable contractors who proceed to give us all the biz-ness.

Recently, however, after Arne conspired with local yokels to Duncanize schools in Louisiana by firing 7000 teachers, Arne  got his come-uppance when courts found his plan illegal. Arne followed his mentor Ram Emmanuel who once said that no serious crisis should go to waste (in other words, gangsters  can always profit from the peoples’ misery), and actually said, “Hurricane Katrina was the best thing to happen to Louisiana schools”.

The “reformers” thought they could use Katrina as their excuse to sabotage the public schools.

One part of the reform plan was to switch to vouchers and the other to fire union teachers and replace them with scabs. Both schemes were found unlawful. As a result the School District will have to pay damages in the amount of One and a Half BILLION Dollars. Unfortunately, this little reform fiasco won’t be paid by the conspirators but by the good taxpayers of Louisiana.


SOURCE: The tidbit about Louisiana education can be found (January 19, 2014) while the politicks is all our own.


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