Enough Is Enough, Too Much Is Too Much

Never have so few had so much.

The gap between the SuperRich and the rest of us has never been greater. The Pharoah of ancient Egypt, the Shah-in-Shah of the Persian Empire, the Great Khan of the Mongols, and the Sultan of the Sublime Porte were closer in wealth and incomes to the lowest peasant than the SuperRich are today in relationship to the average worker.

Oxfam, the international charity, has issued a study finding that the world’s 85 richest individuals have the equivalent wealth of Half of the World’s Population. 85 = 3.5 BILLION! The Math is correct but it is so very wrong.

The total wealth of the the richest ONE-PERCENT has 65-TIMES what is possessed by the least-wealthy FIFTY-PERCENT.

This is economically unsound, it is politically disastrous and morally wrong. If Socialism is what they will call a remedy to this outrage then Socialism is what is required. If we need to abolish Capitalism in order to correct this then Capitalism deserves to be junked.


FFI See http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2014/01/20/215140/worlds-richest-85-people-have.html


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