“Free Lunch” Congressman Jack Kingston


Tea Party darling says that School Kids who can’t afford to buy a lunch should be required to work for their lunches — cleaning up after or serving their fellow students. Jack says they should learn that there ain’t no free lunch.

It may astound one to learn that there are “Free Lunches” for Congress-critter Jack who billed the U.S. taxpayer for $ 4,200 to pay for the lunches he had while “working” as a Congress-critter. What he took from the Treasury could have paid for 2000 school lunches!

Jack is a hungry boy. It turns out that in addition to spounging off the Taxpayers, Jack has wolfed down another  $ 4,300 for lunches from Corporate contributors over the same time period. Growing boys need a lot of food and $ 9000 in lunches is more than many families spend on food in a year.


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