Obama Watch

My “Liberal” friends were overjoyed by President Obama’s performance last evening. “See, we told you so, he really is the liberal Democrat we voted for”, they cheered.

Well, we’ve never doubted that he could give a good speech. Mr Obama has been delivering good speeches for years as President, and for years before as a candidate for President. Prior to his nomination in 2008, he earned the appellation in National Journal as the Senate’s most Liberal member basically upon their analysis of his speeches. His actual voting record would position him as a conservative Democrat or moderate Republican.

We are sure many in the media mob will fall in line with official punditry to acclaim the “new Obama” as the Liberal Messiah, again. But the headline in my local newspaper is telling, OBAMA PROMISES ACTION it reads. Obama has been promising action since he started running in 2007, he rarely delivers on those promises.

It may be that he has made conflicting promises. In 2008, Obama promised American workers that he would re-negotiate NAFTA so as to protect the environment, public health and workers’ safety. Less well known was his promise to his Wall Street buddies several weeks thereafter that he would not alter NAFTA at all. We now know which promise he kept.

The President’s approval rating is at a low, and so he avers that he is a born again Liberal. Maybe, but sin runs deep, and Brother Barack will have to show me that he walks in glory before I shout hallelujah.



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