Franklin Delano Roosevelt, b. January 30, 1882


Today is the anniversary of the birth of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR was the first practitioner of a politics of hope. Unlike his current successor, FDR followed hope with action putting people to work, building the public infrastructure, starting pensions for the aged under Social Security, bringing electric power to farms and rural communities, regulating Wall Street, stabilizing farm production, and implementing conservation measures. Later on, he led the Nation and its Allies to defeat Japanese militarists in the Pacific and Nazi fiends in Europe.

My grandfathers found work on WPA projects and my father and father-in-law were able to help support their families by working in CCC camps.

The model of what we should be able to expect in a Democratic President was set by President Roosevelt and every succeeding White House occupant may be judged by his standard.


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