Can’t Put a Price on Freedom?

The TRANSPORTATION SECURITY AGENCY (TSA) is the contemporary version of the “Keystone Kops”. It is a WPA “make-work” project for the mentally challenged. If you flunk out of McDonald’s Hamburger University you could still have a career at TSA.

Most recently an insider blew the lid, or was it the lead, off of the latest TSA scam. It appears that the 100s of X-ray scanners purchased at $ 150,000 per may be effective for displaying your junk to TSA pervs but can’t really find any hidden bombs. It’s gotten so bad that local TSA Gruppenfuhrers are ordering their thugs to manhandle passengers even after they’ve volunteers for extra doses of radiation. The deal was supposed to give passengers a choice: (1) have your privates fondled by Igor, or (2) have a dose of radioactive waves shot up your gazoo. Now you can get both regardless.

One could get the idea that the whole national-security  bizness was designed simply to control Americans rather than actually catching mad mullahs. Oh, BTW, mad mullahs get to fly unhindered by TSA handsies or death rays. They either rent their own planes or can fly under cover of diplomatic immunity.


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