Say What?

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has mentioned frequently that today’s Republican Party is not your father’s GOP. Indeed, Dwight Eisenhower and Robert Taft would be shown the door in the Republican Party. Barely a year after his nomination, presidential contender Mitt Romney would be repudiated by most local Republican organizations.

Most recently, John McCain, the party’s candidate in 2008 and a leader in the U.S. Senate has been formally censured by the Arizona Republican Party as insufficiently Conservative.

These supposed “Conservatives” are more like yesteryear’s Communists who are held to a Party line and subject to purge than the conservatives of yore such as Burke, Hamilton, or Disraeli.

The Kochs and others of their ilk thought they would be buying obedient dupes when Fred’s little boys started funding Tea Party bashes nationwide. To their surprise what they thought were puppets were real-live Chuckies. The little demons began massacring everyone the Party once held dear.

The Arizona wingnuts’ actions give hope to Democrats who believe that the public will reject Nutlery and grant them carte blanche to serve Corporateers as the sane party. Who will the voters choose? Sane crooks or honest crazies?


* “Fred Koch” is the father of David and Charles Koch. Fred was even nuttier than his boys being a co-founder of the John¬† Birch Society and a fan of Benito Mussolini who he believed knew how to kill Communists.





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