Afghan Welfare Cheats Give Finger to American Taxpayers

Now if a recipient of public assistance in this country ends up with an extra $ 10 in her check or food stamp allotment, he or she would be hounded by agents of the Government until the money was fully reimbursed. But the BILLIONS distributed to our allies in Afghanistan have been siphoned off into thousands of un-authorized hands, including many millions to the Taliban, and all the U.S. Government does is to ask the Afghan tinpots to pretty pretty please try to be more careful with American taxpayer dollars.

The Inspector General has examined our special relationship with Afghanistan to determine just where OUR money has gone. The findings were so bad that despite promises of transparency, the Government has sought to suppress the report. Nevertheless, it was released and we’ve found out that the Afghans use American dollars to buy things at 20x the market rate. They also pay off  the Taliban for protection on many purchases and neglect to account for expenses or salaries. Not one of the 16 Afghan ministries (departments) receiving U.S. aid has been able to property disburse and account for money spent.

What will the Government do with this information? It will ask, not demand, just ask, that the Afghan Government try to do better. Don’t you think that the welfare Mom with an extra ten-spot would be open to being asked instead of squeezed?

The Government is more concerned that our Afghani puppet Hamid Karzai will require a humongous new bribe so that he will permit U.S. troops to continue to die for him after 2014. Karzai has been holding our for more walking around cash (the last infusion pretty much went up his nose) before he officially agrees to extend his invitation to American troops.

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