Beginning the Post-Obama Era

Political news from across the country has fairly consistently shown that Barack Obama is now a has-been, a lame duck if there ever was a lame duck. Democrats running for Congress are planning their campaigns as if there were no Democrat in the White (there isn’t). The focus is on State politics, Democratic congressional campaigns and who might be the standard bearer in 2016. Obama isn’t being rejected, he’s just irrelevant.

There have been hopeful stirrings as well. We’ve seen a promising bumper sticker: “I belong to the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party”. As someone who identified with Paul Wellstone famous quip, “I belong to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”, I am encouraged.

So much so, that the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT recently attended his first precinct caucus since 2008 when he voted as a John Edwards delegate (pre-Bimbo). Caucus attendance was a biennial obligation in the family akin to keeping the Lenten sacrifice. My kids attended caucus with me as soon as they were able to be “volunteered” to perform some of the caucus chores: vote counting, registration, and passing the contributions bucket (my little girl, Winnie, was able to elicit donations from would-be skinflints with big brown eyes and a pouty “please give”.

It was good to be back among the faithful, I didn’t pass the buck but gave a buck (actually more) to the Party of my choice. And, again, the heart is hopeful that the Democracy that is our Party will rise Phoenix-like from the disaster that has been the Obama years. Mr Obama’s philosophical forebear, Grover Cleveland, was followed by the silver-throated orator and populist agitator William Jenning Bryan. We should be so lucky for history to repeat itself.


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