Chloe Grace Moretz, 21st Century Star


The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT is not ordinarily a place to read about the arts, and maybe we should be, but when something extraordinary occurs of cultural significance we are pleased to set politics aside for the arts. As John Adams has said, we study the arts of statecraft and war so that our children can study business and agriculture and our grandchildren can study music and the arts. As in many things, the Founders had it right, the purpose of politics is to so order society that we might attend to the really important things in life.

That being said I would like to recommend a sensational young acting personality to your attention. Imagine if you will if you had the opportunity to see the work of Katherine Hepburn in 1928 or Meryl Street in 1970 before they became the stunning talents they were in cinema and the theater. It would be truly exhilarating.

Although she has been working since she was 6, CHLOE GRACE MORETZ is probably best known as “Hit Girl” in the Kickass movies. She has also performed as the lead in several films that enable even the casual fan of the cinema the realization that the future of film has been seen and it is superlative.

As a teen in “Hick” running away from an alcoholic father and a promiscuous mother, she demonstrated a depth of emotion far beyond her years. Then as an aged vampire trapped in a little girl’s body in “Let Me In” she frightened the bejeezus out of me. More recently she appeared in the title role of “Carrie”, the part for which Sissy Spacek won an Oscar but which Chloe from here on makes her own.

Seriously, there is truly no comparison unless we live in a bizarro world where veggie burgers are compared to filet mignon. Although I mean no disrespect to Sissy Spacek, who is a good actor in her own right, Chloe Grace has the makings of transcendental greatness.

Chloe was eager for the Carrie role so much so that when she was told she was unlikely to get the part due to her age, she redoubled her efforts and her preparation. When asked if she was intimidated by Spacek’s prior success, Chloe was not bothered , other actors didn’t intimidate her only the work itself. She wanted to make her performance worthy of the masterful writing of Stephen King.

During the shooting of the film, Chloe practiced “the Method” as taught by Stanislavski and Strasberg, keeping herself in character even when not in front of the cameras. A method actor doesn’t merely “play-act”, but becomes the character, and Chloe made herself into Carrie. The cinematic product is proof of her accomplishment.

She has probably been offered many of the starlet roles but has determined to be a serious actor. She has opted frequently to work for her craft and not necessarily for the big money. Later this year, she will appear in “If I Stay” in which as a young woman she is poised between life and death after an accident. I have high expectations.

So if you want to see the world’s emerging best actor before she wins an Oscar and universal acclaim, beg, borrow or buy DVDs featuring CHLOE GRACE MORETZ. You won’t be sorry.


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