Silly Time in Arizona

It seems that every news cycle provides a report on some new incredible outrage being proposed or enacted by one or another State Legislature dominated by Wing Nuts. Every report breaks a record and sets a new standard for stupidity, rudeness, and wackiness.

Most recently we hear that the Arizona Legislature actually wants to Legalize Discrimination against Gays. It would do so by using religion as a cover. Under the Law, a police officer could refuse to protect a gay person being attacked if he or she had a religious objection to homosexuality; a teacher could refuse to teach a gay; a doctor or nurse could refuse to treat a gay; a restaurant could refuse to feed a gay; and, a hotel could refuse lodging to a gay.

The precedent for this has been the statutory exemption for religion which would allow a pharmacist or physician to refuse to provide birth control devices or information based on religious belief. This is the result when we allow a small concession to religious nuts, it will be taken and magnified into an obscenity. What was supposed to be a freedom for some becomes a burden on all.

If someone is licensed or otherwise authorized to provide a service or a product then they must be legally obligated to provide it to all who seek to be a customer, client or patron. If they have a religious objection then they should not enter the profession or practice serving the public.

People have a right to their beliefs, they do not have the right to impose those beliefs on the rest of us.


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